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tv   The Early Show  CBS  March 28, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> we're all here this morning. see you tomorrow. >> caption colorado, llc good morning. making the case. president obama gets set to address the nation tonight, on the u.s. mission in libya, from short-term goals to a possible exit strategy. this as rebel forces gain ground, and allied air strikes continue to pound targets inside libya, including moammar gadhafi's hometown. radiation scare. after a partial meltdown at japan's crippled nuclear plant, radiation levels are 100,000 times higher than normal. as the government warns that the contamination is creeping into seawater and the ground, now traces of radiation are being detected as far away as massachusetts. and wedding worries. with just over one month to go until the royal wedding, a huge anti-government protest in london turns violent putting a renewed spotlight on security for the big day.
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this as new details emerge on everything from the cake to the bachelor party "early" this monday morning, march 28th, bachelor party "early" this monday morning, march 28th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs good morning from london. you are looking at a beautiful day here. we are live at buckingham palace which you see. wedding preparations are under way. there is a renewed focus on security for the big day this morning. as chris mentioned, we're going to get you more information on that after demonstrations turned violent here over the weekend. chris, over to you. >> all right, erica, thank you. we will check back in with you in just a couple of minutes. but first let's begin here in new york with the latest on the crisis in libya. in a speech to the nation tonight, president obama will talk about his reasons for u.s. air attacks in libya and how long the intervention is likely to last. on sunday after a week of debate, nato finally agreed to take full command of the air
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campaign allowing u.s. forces to step back. and for the first time, allied air strikes have hit the key town of sirte, where moammar gadhafi was born. cbs news correspondent elizabeth palmer is in libya's capital, tripoli, with the latest for us this morning. elizabeth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, those nato air strikes have really allowed the rebels to make decisive advances over the last 48 hours. just a week ago they were driven out of this town in a panicked retreat. now the libyan rebels are back and celebrating. but they owe their victory to the overwhelming firepower of missiles launched from ships and planes under nato command. the missiles destroyed or scattered gadhafi's forces and their heavy guns so the rebels could advance. and it was dramatic. over the weekend, they swept more than 200 miles along the coast road. first the town of ajdabiya fell after four days of fighting.
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and then the rebels rolled on through ras lanuf, where they met no resistance, to the outskirts of sirte, the last gadhafi stronghold on the road to tripoli. crucially this puts most of libya's oil facilities in rebel-held territory. while the rebels were handing out supplies to people in the towns they'd taken, their leaders were preparing for the battle for sirte, which may be the most decisive one so far in this war. now, information from the ground is scant, but we understand that gadhafi's military is digging in in and around the town of sirte although the fighting hasn't begun and the rebels seem to be regrouping about 60 miles outside the town. erica? >> liz, thanks. here in london, top officials from the u.s. and its allies including secretary of state hillary clinton will have a key summit on libya tomorrow. meantime, in the u.s., president obama is preparing today to address the nation tonight to
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give his reasons for why it was important to the national interests for the u.s. to intervene in libya. senior white house correspondent bill plante has more for us this morning. bill, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica. the president has insisted all along that the u.s. became involved only to protect the lives of innocent civilians from the brutal gadhafi regime. but critics keep asking him what the long-term goals are, what's the exit strategy? over the weekend and on sunday at cbs' "face the nation" secretary of state clinton said that the military intervention is already producing results. >> we have a lot of diplomats and military leaders in libya who are flipping, changing sides, defecting because they see the handwriting on the wall. >> reporter: white house sources tell cbs news the president will say tonight that the u.s. and allied intervention in libya has not only averted a catastrophe, but also advanced american interests. he's likely to point to the capture over the weekend of the cities of brega and ras lanuf by anti-gadhafi forces. that area accounts for a
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substantial chunk of libya's 1.5 million barrels of daily oil exports, which have all but stopped since the uprisings began in mid-february. but despite the military successes, critics say that the president's goal continues to lack focus. on sunday, secretary of state clinton said the mission was humanitarian. last week the president said gadhafi must be removed. >> this policy has been characterized by confusion, indecision, and delay. and it's no wonder, the nature of your question, that americans are confused as to exactly what our policy is, because, on the one hand, they say it's humanitarian, on the other hand, they say that gadhafi must go. >> reporter: the next step is getting the u.s. out of the lead, something the president very much wants. the new nato takeover should be complete by wednesday, according to administration officials. so that will help put the u.s. further behind the scenes. erica? >> bill, thanks. bill plante at the white house this morning. also joining us, cbs news political analyst john dickerson. and, john, how does the
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president tonight merge these two goals which were mentioned, the humanitarian -- stopping the humanitarian crisis and then also the moammar gadhafi leaving? >> not easily. there's always been the tension between the two. what the president will do is say one goal has been achieved, as bill mentioned in his piece, that this humanitarian piece, that the president promised it would be short and a limited engagement and it has been. the handover has taken place. it's now with nato. and he will use the fulfillment of that one promise to say, now my future promises about the policy going forward, you've got to believe those. but the problem is that while the limited initial part of the military operation was fixed and looks like it's over, it's that second part, it's that getting gadhafi out of power, that looks like it could last for a long time, and there's no clear end state, as they say. >> because there's no clear end state, what else did the president need to say to the american people tonight? >> well he needs to do two things. one, be very clear about the military role.
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how much longer will they be involved? what exactly will the military be doing? and to try to give as much shape as he can to what success looks like. what they hope for in the best outcome. but also he needs to rise up a little bit and talk about why he made the decision in the first place. why was it a key national interest to intervene, to stop this massacre, but not so much of a key interest to use the military to get gadhafi out of power? because, in part, what the president's doing is defining his own doctrine and how this might apply to other countries that are going through similar transformations in the middle east and northern africa. >> and how this played out has really been spoken about a lot by lawmakers. congress has been grumbling all along about the way this has been handled. is it likely that they will be satisfied after the president speaks tonight? >> they won't be satisfied at all. there are a lot of people who were irritated in congress on both sides of the aisle that the white house didn't consult them, and also that there are a lot of big questions being raised here, not just about the specifics of the libya mission and what will happen after the u.s. steps back
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from its lead role, but how it ends. again, but also then what this means for future policy. and will the president not be coming to them for consultation in the future if a similar situation should arise, say, in syria? so they have a lot of questions about what the president -- how he views these things, and if each case is decided on the merits at the time, what they can expect in the future. >> john, thanks. we'll be watching with you tonight. john dickerson in washington. and join us tonight here on cbs for cbs news special coverage of the president's address. it begins at 7:30 eastern. and then tomorrow i will be sitting down with the president. you can catch my interview with him coming up tuesday on the "cbs evening news," and also wednesday right here on "the early show." now back to chris in new york. >> all right, erica, thank you. now the latest on the disaster in japan. this morning work crews are trying to get hundreds of tons of highly radioactive water out of a crippled nuclear plant there as the radiation threat continues to spread. cbs' lucy craft is in tokyo with
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the very latest this morning. lucy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. attention today is focusing on a tunnel that's located between the number two reactor's turbine building and the ocean. the concern is that the tunnel is filling up with contaminated water, highly radioactive water, and that unless this is drained this will end up contaminating both seawater and groundwater. so that's the urgent task of the moment. officials announced monday that radiation from the failed fukushima nuclear plant has seeped into seawater, a mile farther north than previously found. radioactive iodine was discovered offshore at 1,150 times the normal level. contaminated water at the facility itself is a major concern for workers. sunday, false calculations of radiation levels 10 million times higher than normal forced workers to evacuate reactor number two. authorities later apologized for the panic and announced the correct reading was 100,000 times the normal limit.
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the radiation seems to have come from fuel rods that temporarily melted down and came in contact with water used to cool the reactor, says the cabinet secretary. monday, a 6.5 magnitude quake off the coast of miyagi rocked northeast japan, prompting a brief tsunami warning. there were no immediate reports of damage. and officials at the nuclear plant say it will not impact work to stabilize the reactors. [ sirens ] >> reporter: newly released video of the march 11th tsunami striking shows just how quickly the wave consumed everything in its path. sweeping away cars and buildings until that coastal city was destroyed. in the face of so much adversity, there are many examples of resilience. "i know many people whose homes have drifted away. they have lost everything. so i want to strongly support them." three workers who had been hospitalized for radiation exposure were released today. two of the workers have received
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radiation burns on their legs when the water they were sloshing around in seeped into their shoes. but the doctors say that they're optimistic they'll make a full recovery although they will keep an eye on them. chris? >> cbs's lucy craft for us in tokyo this morning. lucy, thank you. now joining us from washington is nuclear expert james acton. mr. acton, good morning to you once again. >> good morning, chris. >> let's talk about the breaking news we're getting this morning. we're finding out this morning the high levels of radioactive radiation exceeding 1,000 millisievert per hour found in water in a trench outside of reactor two. i know you've always said if there's radioactivity outside of the reactor, then it becomes a really dangerous situation. just how dangerous is this level right now? >> well, 100 millisieverts per hour is a large radiation spill and clearly a matter of severity. you know, the reports that we're getting at the moment are not entirely clear. there's a description of a trench filling up.
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so if that's right, then at least that water appears to be, for the time being, relatively contained. and the hope will be that they can drain it before it starts spilling out of that trench. >> all of this corrosive radioactive seawater that was additionally dumped on the reactor to cool it in the initial days, now it needs to be disposed of and it's causing another major problem at the reactor right now. so what can the workers do to get rid of this water? where do they put it? >> well, i think that's what they're trying to figure out at the moment. tepco, that's the plant operator, i saw a statement from them yesterday saying that they didn't know yet where they were going to put the water. and you know, if they're emphasizing these plants have been hit by a series of catastrophes, we're way beyond the playbook on any of this and unfortunately the plant operator really is being forced to improvise in order to try to clean up this mess. >> yeah. tepco, they're initially talking about right now this crisis/cleanup taking months, possibly years. what's your sense of a time line? and in the meantime, are we just
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going to see this -- this plant go from crisis to crisis in the short-term? >> well, i've resisted using this analogy for two weeks now, but it seems to me that at this point, comparing this crisis to the bp oil spill from last summer is appropriate. i mean, this crisis does have the potential to go on certainly for weeks and possibly for months. now, as it stands at the moment, radiation levels outside the plant are much higher than they should be but there haven't yet been big, catastrophic releases of radiation. and i think this crisis certainly has the possibility just to continue as it is at the moment with, you know, you have good days and you have bad days. but taking a long time in order to get this plant under control. >> all right. james acton, thank you once again. good to talk with you this morning. >> thank you. >> all right. now here's jeff glor at the news desk with a check of today's other headlines for us this morning. jeff, good morning. >> chris, good morning to you. good morning, everyone. two men died after a 25-foot boat capsized off the coast of california. that sailboat flipped over yesterday near shelter island in san diego bay.
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it sank. eight people were hurt. most of those on board were members of the same family. a fire explosion leveled a three-story apartment building in canada yesterday. it happened in woodstock, ontario. seven people are still missing this morning. the cause of that explosion is under investigation. in a san francisco suburb, a man was injured by a bomb hidden in a newspaper in his driveway. it exploded as he reached for the paper. the victim was taken to the hospital. police have not said if he was specifically targeted. at least 20 people were killed during a suicide attack in eastern afghanistan. last night's target was a construction company. three attackers shot their way into the company compound, then detonated a truck full of explosives. some 50 others were hurt. gas prices continue a slow climb up. aaa reports the national average price for a gallon of regular gas is now $3.58 per gallon. that is up 25 cents in a month. "the new york times" reports this morning that former white
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house press secretary robert gibbs may join facebook. facebook is reportedly interested in having gibbs handle the company's communications after its first stock offering. meanwhile, "times" on line rolled out its controversial pay wall today. the subscription service allows users to read up to 20 articles a month for free, then they have to pay $15 a month for a prescription. and it's a bracket busting final four in the ncaa tournament. 11th ranked virginia commonwealth defied the odds yesterday, taking out number one seed kansas. the rams stunned the jayhawks, 71-61. they'll play butler on saturday. for the first time in 13 years, kentucky also in the final four. the fourth ranked wildcats beat second seeded north carolina, 76-69. they now face uconn in the final four again next saturday. 15 minutes past the hour. we send it back to chris and everyone's bracket is completely ravaged at this point. right?
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>> yes. >> kansas/duke is not going to happen. good for vcu. >> it was a great -- i didn't even have vcu in my bracket. >> they weren't in the brackets originally. >> i know.
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>> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. chris, i know you can't wait for spring as much as i can't. >> i thought it was official last week. wasn't it? >> well, things are ever hardly official. >> marysol, thank you. still ahead this morning, new information that her supporters believe could set amanda knox free. we're going to talk to her sister about the latest courtroom drama and how amanda is currently tolding up. and back here in london, we'll take a look just about a month out at how preparations
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and welcome back to "the early show". chris wragge in new york. erica hill is in london. as we get closer to the big day of the royal wedding, security really under the spotlight there right now, huh? >> yeah, it is. there were these massive protests this weekend, chris, on saturday here in london. hundreds of thousands of people turning out. basically, they were protesting government cuts but they turned violent. a number of stores and hotels were vandalized. 200 people arrested. police officers injured. so is the city ready for the wedding? we'll find out just ahead. >> this portion of "the early show" sponsored by dermatologist developed lubriderm. for skin that looks and feels
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vacaville police are still trying to learn who put explosives in with a man's su er. the man was seriou good morning, i'm frank mallicoat. time for news headlines. vacaville police are still trying to determine who put explosives in a man's sunday newspaper. the man was hurt when he picked up the paper in his yard and the bomb went off. vacaville police evacuated the neighborhood and searched the area. no other explosives were found and no suspects yet. there are states of emergencies in two communities because of last week's storms. san pablo several homes damaged due to a hillside sliding. three homes are yellow-tagged with limited access there. the other emergency is in capitola on the santa cruz county coast. a number of mobile homes are yellow- or red-tagged and one is completely destroyed. an underground culvert failed during thursday's storm and again on saturday.
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good morning. we're just getting word of a new accident westbound 580 approaching greenville. the bay bridge toll plaza is backed up to the macarthur
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maze. a lot of sunshine out there, though. haven't seen that in quite a while. stalled big rig cleared from lanes so stop and go this morning from the incline towards the "s" curve. and we'll show you one more live traffic camera, blue skies this morning crossing the san mateo bridge. pretty picture what a difference a week makes. huh, julie? >> absolutely. blue skies today and later this week. take a look outside right now. it's a hazy picture from ocean beach. all in all blue skies are the story. this afternoon, breezy northwest winds picking up 15 to 20 miles per hour. tomorrow, a slight chance of showers to the north bay and the rest of us will see a few clouds from a weak weathermaker passing to the north but wednesday the sunshine returns and warmer temperatures are on the way flirting with temperatures near 80 by thursday. friday cooling, saturday brings with it our next chance of showers.
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and there you have it, a live look at buckingham palace. preparations under way across london for the royal wedding, which is just about a month away. as we are getting inside scoop on those preparations coming up, including the security. good morning again from london. i'm erica hill. chris wragge in new york this morning. chris, good morning, again. >> erica, good morning. we're going to get back to you in just a couple of minutes. first we want to get to jeff glor at the news desk with another look at our top headlines this morning. >> chris, good morning once again. good morning, everyone. in libya, moammar gadhafi's forces appear to be losing ground rapidly. allied air raids bombed gadhafi's hometown sirte last night. some reports indicate the city has already been captured by rebels. earlier rebel forces regained control of two key oil ports,
7:31 am
ras lanuf and brega. this morning, libyan state tv says that western jets hit the
7:32 am
with just about a month to go before the royal wedding, london is gearing up for one of the largest events in the uk's 2000 year history, in england's 2000 year history. souvenir stands are stocking up, monuments are getting a fresh buffing and coat of paint and there's also renewed focus on security and just how prepared london is from that angle. kelly cobiella joins us now. nice to see you. nice to be here with you. you're taking a look at whether or not london is actually prepared at this point for the upcoming wedding. >> that's right, erica. and london security was really put to the test over the weekend when nearly half a million
7:33 am
people filled the streets to protest. it did not end well. and even larger numbers are expected on the wedding day. it's these chaotic scenes of violence and looting that have british authorities on edge. weekend protests against budget cuts saw the streets of london besieged with 450,000 people. more than 200 arrests were made. and scotland yard is now warning that violent anarchists might be targeting the royal wedding. the city will spend $33 million on security to make sure william and kate don't run into the same problems as charles and camilla, when protesters managed to disrupt their motorcade last december. there will be snipers on rooftops, barricades on the wedding route, and armed police dressed as royal footmen on kate and wills' carriage. >> it won't be a question of the royal wedding, i think people must be prepared now to be searched and there will be a much, much heavier police presence than there was 30 years
7:34 am
ago for charles and diana. >> reporter: the wedding is expected to have a worldwide viewing audience of 4 billion people. london is anticipating a crowd of 600,000. the same number that celebrated prince charles and lady diana's marriage. along with an economic boost of $80 million. >> the royal wedding is going to be fantastic. we're expecting hundreds of thousands of people to come to london. the transport is going to run on rails, we're making sure of that. there's going to be street parties around the city, and i very much hope people will enjoy themselves in a dignified fashion. >> reporter: with the big day quickly approaching, london has wedding fever. souvenir stands are stocking up on everything will and kate. coffee mugs, ashtrays, even dish rags. and sparkling imitations. workers are preparing the grounds along the wedding procession, and polishing the royal carriage that will take the newlyweds to buckingham palace. but with the world's eyes focused on the british capital, it will take more than just pomp and circumstance to make this wedding perfect.
7:35 am
london, of course, is preparing for about 600,000 people on that day. but the crowds could be smaller. even at this late date, hotels are not sold out here, erica. about 100,000 rooms are veil available. >> there's still a chance to get here. kelly cobiella, thanks. as kelly talked a lot about in her piece, of course, there is so much renewed focus this weekend after what happened with the demonstrations here this weekend. in fact, scotland yard telling cbs that it was really this litmus test or whether or not there would be violence. if that was the test, the answer may be clear. we want to get a closer look at security, how it will be handled. dai davies is the former head of royal security. you held that position for four years in the '90s, including princess diana's death. you have a really keen sense of what is needed. good morning. thanks for being with us. >> good morning to you. >> when you look at what happened over the weekend, is this city, is this country prepared for the royal wedding?
7:36 am
>> yes, it is. i am convinced that my former colleagues at scotland yard will get their act together. i think the events of the weekend were most distasteful. i think that will act as a prelude to getting the act together. and, indeed, i think they'll put even more police officers on the streets now. there will be a ring of blue around this whole area, and i'm happy that the metropolitan police will do their job well. >> there was another little bit of a test earlier here, not too long ago, when the car of prince charles and camilla was actually attacked. and i know that you have some issues about the fact that it even was attacked in the first place. >> well, absolutely. i think whoever was in charge on that day clearly got it hugely wrong. and i've no doubt heads have literally fallen as a consequence. and, again, the prince and his wife shouldn't have been in a car like that in that scenario. they shouldn't have been anywhere near it. i simply could not understand how royalty would allow the situation to happen. i've no doubt they will get it right.
7:37 am
and they'll get it right for the wedding. >> that car is being fixed. of course kate middleton is going to be taking it to westminster abbey. but when she and her new husband leave westminster abbey, they're going to be riding in an open carriage which a lot of people have said, how could we let this happen? it seems so dangerous to allow them to ride through the streets of london like that. do you have any concerns in this day and age about that? >> again, they will take huge precautions to assure they are as safe as is humanly possible to do. there will be thousands of policemen on duty, there will be marksmen en route, there will be plainclothes officers. you name it. this government and this nation can't get this wrong. the world and its eyes are on us. the metropolitan police, royalty protection, have to get it right. and i'm happy they will. >> how many people are within the royal force? because they're pairing with everybody else. >> as a total command it's anything between 500 to 550. but the whole inspector's command and the protection command is much bigger, several thousand. but they will be supplemented by order near officers who are the eyes and ears. they will act as the outer
7:38 am
cordons and the inner cordons will be protected by the police, and indeed aid and abetted by the military. >> quite an effort to coordinate. thanks for giving us a taste of what is ahead for them. >> thank you very much. >> just ahead this morning on "the early show," there is important new testimony in the amanda knox trial, in her case. her sister now telling us how this new evidence, testimony could possibly turn the case in her sister's favor. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. we all want our kids to eat their vegetables, but we all know kids would rather they just disappear. ♪ make me say la la la la la la ♪ [ woman ] now with a little magic from mom, there's an easy way to get kids the nutrition they need. mott's medleys has two total fruit and veggie servings in every glass but magically looks and tastes just like the fruit juice kids already love. mott's medleys. ♪ la la la [ woman ] invisible vegetables. magical taste.
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a big development over the weekend in the amanda knox murder case in italy. the college student from seattle is appealing her 26-year sentence for the killing of her roommate, meredith kercher. now in court testimony saturday knox's lawyers exposed a ski prosecution eyewitness antonio care toeo as a her wane addict who couldn't recall crucial details from the night of the murder. joining us from perugia, italy, renow with the reaction is amanda's sister deanna knox. mr. curatolo raised some alarming doubts about his credibility over the weekend. what do you think means for your
7:42 am
sister's case as you move forward? >> well, i mean he basically blew the whole prosecution's case right then and there. he got his dates mixed up. he said he was on drugs at the time. he was recalling that people were in costumes on halloween, which was actually the day after. so he pretty much blew every credibility that he had. >> being in the courtroom, did you feel as though this was a kind of this huge game changing type moment? >> yeah, really was. it was one of those moments for me, well it was like, wow, my sister could really be out soon. which is really exciting. and i know our lawyers were happy. and our family was happy. >> were you surprised it took this long to figure out that this witness lacked the credibility that was really needed to put your sister away in the first place? >> well, i mean, this whole process has taken a lot longer than we all thought it would be. we all know that amanda's
7:43 am
innocent, and it's taken three years for the whole trial anyway. not to mention just one little witness. so, we're all a little confused why it took this long. but we're happy it's coming out at least now. >> i know you mentioned a second ago about the potential of your sister coming home. you've seen firsthand how the court system there works and how your sister has been treated throughout the process. even with these developments, do you honestly believe that your sister is coming home? >> yes. you have to keep up the best hopes that she'll be home any day. if you focus on the fact that she's here, you never make it through. so i think every day that sometime around summer that my sister will be home. >> you had a chance to speak with her. can we ask how she's holding up? how is she doing? how is her mood or demeanor changed lately? >> well, she's still really nervous about the appeals process. she thought that she should have been out the first time. so she's a little nervous still, that they're not going to get it quite right. but she seems confident.
7:44 am
she's confident in her innocence, and she was just really happy to see her family. so it was nice to see her that way. >> well, deanna, we thank you for taking the time and speaking with us this morning. deanna knox in perugia italy, for us. joining us now in the studio is cbs news legal analyst jack ford. i posed the question to deanna a second ago, is this a game changer? >> it might be, chris. you've got to remember the system is very different over there. her appeal is essentially a second trial, new jurors, new judges, and the conviction was based on circumstantial evidence. you know, direct evidence is either you confessed to a crime or somebody says i saw them committing the killing. circumstantial is bits and pieces that you put together to form a picture. and here the first time around the picture was enough for her to be convicted. but they're starting to chip away at that picture here. and significantly, as we heard. >> this antonio curatolo, he's been a key witness in a number of different murder trials. it looks like he's been kind of there for the prosecution on a number of different times. how did they not know that he would -- >> that's a tough question to answer.
7:45 am
because as we heard just a few moments ago, this time around, they've challenged him that he had the wrong date, he had wrong details, and admitted to being a heroin addict at the time. you know what, as a prosecutor i have to rely on some pretty shaky witnesses sometimes. i don't think i ever had somebody such as this. when you take away a so-called eyewitness like that, that's a significant loss for the prosecution. >> okay. you put all these developments together, because there's also an independent forensic expert that's actually going to testify in may as to what dna is on the alleged murder weapon. put all this together, what does this mean, given what we know about the italian court systems and how this young lady has been treated? >> trying to take all the circumstantial evidence, you mention the forensics. it's being reported that independents, this time around the court ordered that the tests be done by independent experts. not for the prosecution or defense, and they're apparently raising questions whether there's even nearly enough evidence, dna evidence on this knife blade to point to amanda knox. and they're going to challenge the process before it. if you pull that out of the case, if you pull the eyewitness out of the case or at least
7:46 am
raise significant questions about the two of them, you've put them in a situation now where amanda knox, if i'm her attorney, i'm a lot more confident that she might be coming home. >> all right, jack ford. thank you. good to see you. we'll be right back. this is "the early show" here on cbs. stay with us. raise significant questions this is "the early show" here on
7:47 am
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7:49 am
welcome back to "the early show." chris wragge here in new york, erica hill is in london right now. erica reports said the bachelor party took place this weekend. i'm sure it's on the front page of the paper. the question is what is on the front page of the paper? >> you are right. there's a picture on the front page of the paper. this is what i was greeted with this morning in my hotel room. clarence house, which is, of course, you know, related to prince charles. they offer up the information. they confirmed there was a bachelor party and that's about all the information that they're letting us know. we got about 20 people. as for what happened? it is the great mystery. but we do have a few other details we can offer you on preparations ahead of this. that's still to come on "the early show." that's still to come on "the early show." >> all right. but you may not know it can also mean destruction.
7:50 am
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le in capitola are t it is 7:55. time for news headlines from cbs 5. i'm sydnie kohara. people in capitola trying to clean up from two flash floods. there is a state of the emergency in the downtown area after an underground culvert failed twice since thursday. more than 40 homes have been damaged along with several dozen businesses. there is an emergency declaration in san pablo where homes are slipping on a rain soaked hillside. several houses are sitting on land that's giving way. city inspectors say that while the soil is still moving, the homes aren't showing new signs of cracking. and today the ex-mistress of barry bonds will testify for the prosecution in his perjury trial. she is expected to talk about what bonds said about steroids and will describe house his physical appearance changed over time. bonds is accused of lying when
7:56 am
he testified back in 2003 that he never knowingly took steroids. traffic and weather around the bay area in just a moment. stay with us. when it comes to getting my family to eat breakfast, i could use all the help i can get. like nutella, a delicious hazelnut spread that's perfect on multigrain toast, even whole-wheat waffles, for a breakfast that my kids love and i feel good about serving. and nutella is made with simple, quality ingredients, like hazelnuts, skim milk, and a hint of cocoa. it's quick, easy and something everyone can agree on. ♪
7:57 am
good morning. take you out towards westbound 5 0 before north greenville at 580. two cars cleared to the right shoulder. traffic is is stacked up from grant line road. past the accident scene, heavy still from vasco to el charro.
7:58 am
south bay word of an accident southbound 280 before saratoga. and it is actually slow in both directions. coming out of downtown san jose on northbound 280 that's what it likes approaching the 880 interchange. it's jammed up in those northbound lanes. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights have been on now for more than an hour. about an hour and a half. and here's what it looks like at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is backed up to about the 880 overcrossing. so 15 minutes to get you onto the span. that's your traffic. here's julie with your forecast. as you can see from those traffic cameras, elizabeth, blue skies outsideplenty of sunshine. we have patchy fog in the north bay, sunshine later today and mild temperatures. 50s and mid-60s with northwest breezes picking up to 20 miles per hour later today. a weak weather system passes to the north tomorrow bringing with it the possibility of a couple of showers in the north bay. the rest of us clouds. wednesday and thursday near 8 by thursday.
7:59 am
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and welcome back to "the early show welcome to "the early show". welcome to a monday morning. nice and clear out there. we're here in new york. albeit, still a little cold. i'm chris wragge in new york. coming up here, first, it's hard to imagine something as heartless as telling a childless couple you're pregnant and promising they can adopt a baby. that's exactly what one missouri woman allegedly did. there are other adoption scams out there. we have a cbs news investigation, and we'll meetç the heartbroken couple at the center of this disturbing story. erica. >> and, chris, here in london where it's a beautiful day, we are going to bring you the very
8:01 am
latest on the upcoming royal wedding. all things will and kate, including some information on the stag party, the bachelor party, which was had over the weekend for prince william. details on the cake and perhaps whether or not kate may be having a little party of her own. she could be having a hen weekend. like a bachlorette party. that's all coming up. >> all right, erica. see you in a few moments. jeff glor with another check of the headlines this morning. snoo chris, good morning to you. libyan rebels are advancing under the cover of allied air support. muammar qadhafi's hometown was bombed by allied war planes for the first time today. earlier rebel troops recaptured two key oil ports. nato is now asserting full command of the allied air operation. secretary of hillary clinton says the air strikes are working, but she says there's more to the operation. >> we have very tough sanctions that are ferreting out and freezing qadhafi and qadhafi family assets.
8:02 am
we have a lot of diplomats and military leaders in libya who are flipping, changing sides, defecting because they see the handwriting on the wall. >> tonight president obama explains his libyan policy in a televised address. the president has come under criticism for failing to clearly communicate the mission's goals. >> this policy is characterized by confusion, indecision, and delay. >> cbs news will have special coverage of the president's address beginning tonight at 7:30 eastern time. also in the region, syrian president al assad is expecting to announce what his officials describe as important decisions in the next two days. he says they will please the syrian people. this morning there are reports that syrian security forces opened fire on demonstrators. concerns in japan as the crippled fukushima nuclear power plant. the radiation level advisory tested 100,000 times higher than normal. radiation has now spread into the sea and is moving north of the plant, they say. today workers resumed pumping
8:03 am
radioactive water out of the reactors before they can turn on the cooling system. it appears radiation is spreading -- radioactive iodine was found in a sample of rain water in massachusetts. concentrations of radiation are said to be very low and likely from japan's damaged power plant, though. officials reassured people -- they say it poses no public health risk. >> we want to emphasize the sample that showed results indicate no risk to the state's drinking water supply. the drinking water supply in massachusetts is unaffected by this short-term slight elevation in radiation. >> there was a demonstration this morning to mark the anniversary of the worst nuclear accident in u.s. history. dozens of protesters in pennsylvania turned out this morning. it was 32 years ago today three mile island suffered a partial meltdown. it is three minutes past the hour right now. back to chris and marysol.
8:04 am
good morning. >> thank you. >> all right, jeff. >> we showed that picture of central park a couple of minutes ago. looks beautiful, but, boy, is it cold. >> it's freezing.
8:05 am
>> narrator: this weather report sponsored by mercedes benz. experience truly great engineering today at your authorized dealer. >> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. chris. >> marysol, thank you. coming up next here on "the early show", cbs news investigation of adoption fraud. we're going to meet a couple who wanted to start a family and fell victim to one of the cruellest scams around. this is "the early show" on cbs. professional driver on a closed course.
8:06 am
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constipated? phillips' caplets use magnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally with your colon than stimulant laxatives, for effective relief of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna...
8:09 am
>>hi in this morning's health adoption fraud in our health watch. adoptioning a child is an emotional process that con artists are ready to take advantage of. cbs news chief investigative correspondent arman uncovers unsuch adoption scam in his investigation. >> reporter: after four frustrating years trying to have children on their own. >> i would like to have a boy. >> reporter: holly and mark gonzalez decided try adoption. then last month they got a call they had been waiting for from a woman who said her name was christy bennett. >> she got it all together, and she sounded fantastic. she couldn't keep the babies because they couldn't afford it. >> bennett said she was pregnant with a boy and a girl. >> a half an hour later she sent me a text message saying i think you're going to be great parents to the children. >> but the promise of twins turned out to be as empty as their nursery. the expectant mother on the phone actually a kansas city con
8:10 am
artist named roxanne genoa jones, driven by greed. >> can you send us $100 right now? >> posing as a mother looking to adopt, we found and made contact with jones and told our producer her name was not christy bennett, but cindy stevens. >> give me a hug. >> leading to this face-to-face meeting in a hotel suite, wired with hidden cameras. >> you are having twins not triplets now, right? >> twins. a boy and a girl. >> do you have the sonograms. >> can i get them. my doctor has them in the file. >> they're -- >> very much so. >> how should we do it then? can my husband and i be in the room? >> i want you to be in there. i want both of you to be in the delivery room. i want the doctors to hand the baby to you guys. >> and as we discovered what jones did to the gonzalezes and was trying to do to us -- >> i don't ever want them to feel that i didn't love them. >> reporter: had been done many
8:11 am
times before. >> and you can see his full report on adpopgs scams tonight on the cbs evening news with katie couric. holly and mark gonzalez join us along with adam park, an executive directoror of the adoption institute. he is also an author of "adoption nation." good morning to the three of you. holly, i know you get emotional and you see what this woman did to you. what are your thoughts? she's basically taking this scam now to other families. it happens that it was our behind the scenes producer. >> watching her right now again she said the exact same things to us, exactly the same things. i want you to be in the room. she just really is compelling, and it's very hard to watch. hard to watch again. >> to go back and think of all those -- i can see the two of >> she's got this down pat.
8:12 am
why did she seem so convincing? >> i think she had it practiced. i think she had it completely -- she had the routine down. she knew exactly what to say. i think she kept to the same story very often. just in that clip right there, it's basically she's saying the same thing she said to us. >> mark, what's this been like? you went through this just like holly did. for a couple to have to go through something like this when you've been trying so long to have a baby. >> it just really kind of sets you back. you really were excited about having the opportunity to get twins, girls no less, so -- and when that was taken from me, it just -- you got to start all over again and kind of seeing that just brings back all that emotion. >> was there any time during the process where there was a red flag raised and you said, you
8:13 am
know, this seems so right, but now -- >> there were several red flags, and we chose to ignore them because of the hope that this was happening. there were thing -- you couldn't reach her on a cell phone. every time she would call you, the calls were dropped. you could text her, and then she may answer or she may have a friend answer for her. again, there were many red flags. is it that you are so close and that is what makes you look the other way? >> yeah. >> at any point did you step back with expectations here? >> they got so blatant, we just -- you can't ignore them too much longer, but you really want to believe. that's why you ignore them for so long because this is something we've wanted for quite a long time, and you are so close, you can -- everything is happening, and then you got --
8:14 am
>> adam, you stated that time and time again with couples that are getting scammed like this. do you have tips for folks out there? >> i do. it's worth saying that it doesn't happen often, and that's mercyful. there are bad people out there. there are bad people in journalism. there are people getting old people's money. in our world, in the adoption world, unfortunately, the consequences are so hugely emotional that it's blinding, and we can miss red flags. sfla what do you tell people to look out for? >> first and fore -- i don't tell they to look on the per se because you so the red flags because they're there. number three on the list of things is let's go one, two, three. first, educate yourself. too many people go into this process of being an adoptive parent thinking all i need to do is pay my agency, pay my -- and it goes. you put more time and effort, put finding them a doctor, buying a new car.
8:15 am
use internet resources for groups. lots of good stuff. second, absolutely engage a professional. you don't -- you're not a pro at this just because you want to be parent. third, this is important, have your radar up. if something seems to good to be true to a birth mother, preadoptive parent, whoever you are, if it seems too good to be true, it's probably too good to be true. >> thank you for your expert ties. real quickly, before we go, keep at it, keep trying? >> yeah. our baby is out there somewhere. we'll find them. >> thank you for being with us. holly and mark, good to see you both. >> all right. when we come back here on "the early show", we're going to go back to london for the latest on the royal wedding. everything from a secret bachelor party to the vows at the church. this is "the early show" here on cbs. on cbs. cbs health watch sponsored by thermacare heat wraps. no pills, no pain, just relief.
8:16 am
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8:18 am
and here we are out in front of buckingham palace as all of london, and frankly the world, is preparing for the royal wedding which is just about a month away now. we're joined now by cbs news royal contributor victoria arbiter. victoria, it was an exciting weekend to be in london, so much going on, but we had a few details trickle out over the weekend. most notably information on the bachelor party, which did happen. >> it did happen. yes, it did. and it was a very well-kept secret. we only got confirmation this morning. when harry was announced as the best man, i think guys around the world were thinking, that's the bachelor party i want to go to. they're known for clubbing. it was a very demure, low key. the usual crew were in attendance, thomas, one of william's very close friends, guy penny. james meade was there, and also kate's brother. so they went for shooting and outdoor active if i weekend in
8:19 am
norfolk at a friend's estate. >> there were about 20 of them. >> yes. >> fairly low key, and i imagine there won't be any pictures that sneak out from that one likely. >> i doubt it. william has got such a loyal group of friends. i think we'll just have to imagine that one. >> in the states there's a bachelorette party. here it's more of a hen weekend. does she have something planned? >> she'll definitely have a hen weekend. it won't be what a lot of british brides are used to. but apparently kate has reserved places at four different sites in london. she's going to tell the girls on the day where they need to be and exactly what the activities are. and they've also mentioned having a dirty dancing themed party at the home of kate's mother, and that will include more closer relatives. >> so -- >> from the movie. >> there you go. the parties seem to happen a little bit early on, a month out from the wedding for williams. but that's because he had some other duties. >> he does. and there's a lot going on between now and the wedding. harry needs to go to an expedition to the north pole for four wounded vets. they're raising money for
8:20 am
charity. the weekend before the wedding is easter. it would be a little unseemly for the future head of the church of england to be out getting bombed that weekend. and harry has his commitments to the royal air force. >> there's some speculation about their vows. i was at westminster abbey this morning with the very reverend dean and asked him whether or not there would be any changes. you can't change much about the marriage ceremony in the church of england. >> that's right. we're very, very traditional here. and it's rare for couples to write their own vows. the queen and princess anne both had very traditional vows where you promise to love, cherish and obey. it seems a little archaic these days. diana was the first and only royal bride to omit the word obey. william is the future king of england. i hope kate stays modern and doesn't do it. >> we will see. there's been a little bit more leaking out about the relationship between keet and her future mother-in-law, really, camilla. and they seem to have kind of a
8:21 am
nice relationship. >> they really do. and i think camilla has taken on the role of mentor almost. she knows how hard it is not only to enter the royal family but prepare yourself to be the future potentially queen of england. diana, it was sort of get married and go. she was just left to her own devices, which was incredibly difficult. camilla has helped kate tremendously, and in return kate has had a few nords towards camilla. her oldest granddaughter is one of the bridesmaids. she's only 3. and the london chamber orchestra playing, camilla is their patron. >> and nice to incorporate her. we also know there will be two choirs at the service and at the abbey. the westminster choir. >> that's right. and the chapel royal choir, mostly children, a few adults. what i really like about the music, the band from the royal air force. so again, it seems that william and kate are really trying to include everybody that's special in their lives in this service. >> that they are.
8:22 am
elton john is reportedly throwing them a big party, inviting lots of people. does that come as a surprise? >> i think it's a little bit surprising. but elton john was a great friend of diana. he's not confirmed his party yet but he's known for legendary parties. he lives in windsor so it's just a stone's throw from the royal residents. victoria and david beckham are great friends of elton john as well and they're supposedly going. i feel for victoria beckham because she is said to be pregnant, but these pictures are going to last forever and i'm not sure she wants to be so pregnant. >> i have an idea if anyone is going to look good and glow, it's going to be victoria beckham. we have a few treats here, as well. we're learning some details as to the cakes, fleur, which will be served at the preexception. not only traditional fruit cakes, but also a cake made with these chocolate biscuits. one of william's favorites. maybe what we consider the groom's cake in the states. we'll have a little taste and a little more information on that for you coming up right here on
8:23 am
"the early show" where we are live in london this morning. [ woman ] everybody's looking for deals these days, and i'm not talking about saving a dollar off shampoo or two-for-one tacos or something. i'm talking about paying less -- every month. like this deal. [ female announcer ] call today and get the fastest internet for the price -- an amazing $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. plus get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network at no extra cost. [ woman ] with at&t, i'm surfing at hot spots all over town. ♪ i'm downloading music fast. and watching videos. cute! and the price is great. [ female announcer ] call at&t today and get the fastest internet for the price -- an amazing $14.95 a month for 12 months with a one-year price guarantee. plus get access to the entire at&t national wi-fi network at no extra cost. [ woman ] i went looking for a deal, and at&t delivered. now, i just need to curb the shoe shopping.
8:24 am
twizzlers. the twist you can't resist.
8:25 am
is recovering from serious injuries after an explosive de good morning. 8:25 your time. let's take a peek at some of the news headline. an elderly man recovering from serious injuries after an explosive device blew up in his face. the item was hidden inside the man's morning newspaper and detonated after he picked it up. he reportedly lost multiple financial, suffered leg injuriesches police aren't sure if the man was specifically targeted. and the second week of the barry bonds perjury trial get under way today. among the list of scheduled witnesses are the slugger's ex- mistress. her testimony is supposed to reveal that he told her he was using steroids in 2000. today pg&e will plead their case as to why they think they should not be fined millions of dollars. the utility failed to meet a deadline last week to hand over natural gas pipeline documents. pg&e argues it may need the rest of the year to submit
8:26 am
though records. we have your weather and traffic and your weather coming up on this monday so stay right there. ,,,,,,,,,,
8:27 am
southbound 280 at saratoga, we have a six-car crash still blocking at least one lane. chp out there now waiting for a tow truck. slow southbound. northbound out of downtown san jose still bottlenecking around the 880 interchange. that's one of the worst slow
8:28 am
spots. also very slow through san mateo along the peninsula, southbound 101 approaching peninsula avenue. we have an accident that was just cleared to the right shoulder. unfortunately, it is slow in both directions across that stretch. the 280 would be a better alternate. 880 through oakland, just starting to slow now past the coliseum in our usual slow traffic area. that is the commute direction northbound 880 as you head up towards downtown. and at the bay bridge, nice drive actually cleared out quite a bit. only stacking up just to the middle of the lot. that's your traffic. here's julie with your forecast. >> forecast is beautiful. we're taking a look at something my director mike said we haven't seen in a very long time. that's blue skies above the pyramid here in san francisco. and yeah, pretty much everyone seeing blue skies today, a little fog in the north bay, but all in all making way for sunshine and warmer temperatures. mid-50s to mid-60s today, clouds moving in the with chance of showers to the north bay tuesday, but then sunshine and temperatures near 80 by thursday. ,,,,,,,,
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ do you love me do you love me ♪ >> a little dirty dancing there for you. why, you ask? at the bottom of the hour here on "the early show," well because we just learned that reportedly kate middleton's hen weekend, her version of a bachelorette party, will have a dirty dancing theme. >> all right. >> so there you have it. i'm erica hill live in london this morning. and very soon the royals will be
8:31 am
seeing the wedding cake. we have a lovely little bit of some desserts here, cakes that have been made by the cake designer who is said to be -- who will be doing the cakes for the royal couple. also some diskettes here which william has requested his cake be made out of. so two cakes we're going to tell you about this morning. and we'll take a closer look at the often talked about style of the soon-to-be princess. one kate middleton and what makes her such an icon. and what we may be able to expert from her wedding dress, guys. good morning again. >> lots to talk about, erica. good morning to you again. shots look great out there, too. looks like you're having fun. is that accurate? >> it's really -- it's just a terrible assignment. work, work, work. >> you stay there comfortably in london. leave it to us to slum it back here in new york. >> yeah, yeah. >> pick things up here as best we can. also ahead, you spend a lot of time on the old coulda, woulda
8:32 am
shoulda? >> no. >> the new survey about regret finds people would like to redo many of their most important decision, everything from work to family to romance. we'll look at the top five regrets people have and make sure they don't stop you from moving forward. >> as we move forward. >> we won't regret the dirty dancing hen party, right? >> never. >> we'll see. >> never. >> marysol castro is with us to talk a little weather this morning. there are plenty of weather stories out there. >> yes. some of them, unfortunately, regrettable. let's take a look at the national outlook. you can see some spots of quiet. the northeast is very quiet but chilly. the midwest is very quiet. equally chilly. we have the usual bout of snow and rain in the cascades and the rockies and some bre sip tags in the northwest. on the west weiss, we go there right now, it's tranquil this weekend just a complete soaker but this morning, tranquil
8:33 am
>> thanks so much. that's your latest weather. now back over the pond to check in with erica. i miss you. i need some girl power here with these two. >> mary, thanks.
8:34 am
don't worry, i'm coming back. and i've even found you a present. don't tell the boys. time now for a little cake. we learned over the weekend, that william will have one cake. kate has chosen another. so here to help us take a closer look at those choices is food archaeologist and historian marc meltonville. you actually work at hampton court palace. it's a major tourist attraction outside of london, a tudor palace. >> absolutely. >> you have a great grasp of all things not only food but history when it comes to royals and wedding cakes. cake has chosen a traditional fruit cake. this would not be traditional in the u.s. for a wedding cake. why is it a tradition here? >> i think there's a number of reasons. and the easiest one is that these cakes are going to be cut up and given in little boxes as a present for the guests. and a fruit cake really really dense, like a christmas pudding. it keeps really well. i even found out that you can still buy pieces of charles and diana's wedding cake online. >> really?
8:35 am
>> 1,000 bucks will get you a slice of that one and that's 20 years old. >> i bet it tastes delicious after 20 years. we learned a little bit about the woman designing the cake, f fiona cairns. these are some of her creations we picked up over the weekend. what is she known for in terms of style? >> they're going to be really exciting and bold. the little bit that i know about the cake you read as well. it's going to be covered in flowers. so it's going to be really tall, decorative, and each one of those flowers has got a meaning. we're a united kingdom here. you've got the flowers behind you. there's going to be roses for england and thistles for scotland and shamrocks for ireland, and daffodils for wales. every piece will have a message. >> and also one of those flowers will be a sweet william, we're told. which is rather appropriate. that's the one cake. and it could be fairly large. charles and diana, their cake was five feetee tall? >> i'd expect something really tall. there's a church in fleet street
8:36 am
that is supposedly the basis of all christmas cakes -- wedding cakes. christmas cakes and all that. all wedding cakes. a huge, very tall tower and since then all wedding cakes have been one tier on top of another. >> they will not disappoint. there was a lot of interest in the fact that william had also chosen a cake. in the states, typically, especially in the south there would be something like a groom's cake which may be made of chocolate. one of the papers here this morning, though, noted that a lot of americans were jumping on board saying a groom's cake. oh, they're borrowing from the americans. this has been done before in the uk, correct? >> multiple cakes are not unusual. again we go back to the famous charles and diana. they had 27 official cakes for all the different occasions that were part of the wedding. so i think two is quite conservative. >> rather conservative. >> chocolate? well, you know, it's your wedding. get whatever one you like. >> so what's interesting is this cake is made out of these digestives diskits. they're pretty well known. you have them as a snack with tea. this is going to be made from a recipe of the royal family? >> i wish i could get hold of that one. but it might be very similar to
8:37 am
what most of us had as kids what we called a refrigerator cake. you crush up the biscuits and mix them with more chocolate. i think you call it a bit like a rocky road your way. >> sounds fantastic. and you put it in the freeze iror the refrigerator. >> and everyone gets a slice of chocolate heaven. >> apparently with his mother at tea time. you talk a little bit about the floral theme on the cake. how important are the foods that are chosen at a royal wedding? do all the other foods need to have some representation of the united kingdom? >> in england, it's just about feasting at a wedding. i think a wedding meal is probably the last chance for anyone in the modern world, america or here, gets to know what a feast was like for wealthy people in the past. the only time you get to sit at a top table. you get to be the guest of honor. you get almost the idea of a medieval hall, recreated for your wedding. and so everything is just about having a really good time. and treating your guests to the best food. >> anything you would like to see as part of that meal? especially based on the history?
8:38 am
>> i'd like to see some new dishes perhaps. something modern chefs have taken from the past and done their own spin on it. a bit like when our present queen had a coronation, we had traditional coronation chicken from that inspired entirely from that event. wouldn't it be cool if there was one dish from that wedding. >> the will and kate dish. we'll be looking for it. chris, back over to you. >> erica, thank you. switching gears now, do you regret getting that tattoo? or that really bad hairstyle? new study tries to measure the decisions that were most sorry about. as it turns out we regret our choices about the big things in life, school to work to, of course love. ♪ regrets i've had a few ♪ >> reporter: maybe when it comes to regrets, you're like sinatra. ♪ but then again too few to mention ♪ >> reporter: too few would make you one of the lucky ones. most of us can mention our regrets by name.
8:39 am
>> i would believe that people's regrets are a relationship. >> reporter: according to a recent survey the number one subject of regret is romance. named by 18% of those polled. and women are 25% more likely to have relationship regrets than men. >> i wish i had spent more time, relationships more than going after the bucks. >> reporter: men are 7% more likely than women to rue decisions about their careers. another main topic of regret, according to the survey. >> i may have made some different choices in my career track. been more academic than i turned out to be. ♪ >> reporter: did you study hard enough in school? did you go to college? did you graduate? it turns out that education is a major source of regret for people. >> never really finished my education. it's a regret, because it's
8:40 am
tough to get anything without that piece of paper. >> reporter: also among the top five regrets, decisions about money. and difficult family relationships. ♪ that's life >> reporter: but no matter what they regret in life, everyone we talk to said it's important to put those things in the past. >> focus more on what can be done to make things better now. what's done is done. all you can do is move forward from here. >> reporter: i don't know about you, but i'm depressed. joining us now is psychologist and "early" show contributor dr. jennifer hartstein. >> good morning. >> you sit back and you say, wow. >> mm-hmm. gives you a moment to pause and look back on everything you've done, right? >> all right. let's look at this now. the survey of what americans really do regret. the top five were romance, family, education, career, and finance. so what does this little snapshot say about americans today? >> it really does say we are looking back at our lives and really wondering how we may have
8:41 am
done something differently, how we can do something differently. we've spent a lot of time in self-reflection, and maybe too much. maybe we're not doing enough to change it. maybe we're just spending enough time looking back and saying oh, i wish i shd. woulda, coulda shoulda. >> let's break these down. start with romance first. the most common regret and how people could potentially reverse. >> right. so we think that, you know, think about romance. we always do, as they said in that piece, we think about well, it was great, and maybe it could have been. or that lost love from 20 years ago, maybe i need to find them. to the fact is, sometimes you may want to take that plunge and go find the person that got away. maybe there is somebody that got away that you can go rekindle that romance with. you have to take that risk and do it. but it is a risk. because you don't know. maybe they're married to someone else. maybe you're married to someone else. >> you should research that. >> you have to do the research. and maybe they're waiting for you to find them, too. so you never know. you might want to just go explore it, and then you can actually walk away and say, i tried it, it's done. i can move on. >> how about families?
8:42 am
>> family is tough. there's two ways to look at this. one is in a family situation of choosing not to have kids and then regretting that decision. so if you're too old maybe to have kids now, get involved in organizations where you can spend a lot of time with kids. something like big brothers, big sisters, if you still can have children, adopt. we know that that's a big thing. and then there's family relationships. maybe there's a broken relationship with a sibling, a parent, someone in your family you want to mend it. take the high road. be the bigger person, extend the olive branch. try and see if you can fix it. again, if you can't, let it be. >> the high road. the road less traveled. >> it is a hard one to find. >> education? >> education, why not? go figure out ways to learn more. there's always opportunities. maybe you can't go back to school full-time, but you can take evening classes. they now have weekend classes. there's online learning courses that you can take. so there really are new ways to expand the educational horizon. and you can take that chance, too. >> career and finance. put those in the same category. >> career and finance are tough. and you really have to figure out what it is you want to do. we often think in our 20s we
8:43 am
have the opportunity to switch and move our careers a lot. the fact is there are people now, especially in the economic changes, that are changing careers in their 50s and 60s. if there's something you love to do, figure out thank you make sure your finances are in shape, so that you can switch gears and do something else. it might be what you love, and then you're going to have a great end of life career, why not? >> never too late to turn things around. >> it's never too late to change. >> i want to show the other graphic you have here, you can show the difference between men and women. men were more likely to have work-related regrets. women had more regrets with love and family. so, what can women do specifically to experience less of a regret in the old love category? >> i think women tend to internalize and take on all of the problems. they really need to take a step back, put it into the bigger context. and recognize that it's not just them in the relationship. there's multiple people. and for men, we have to really think about what is it about the work, they really measure their success based on their work lives. they need to find a richer, more fulfilled life so they can figure out what else there is to think about. >> how about those, you know what?
8:44 am
i should have taken that trip. i should have done this. a lot of people are really hung up on the fact that they didn't make that decision when they had a chance to make that decision. >> and they find that that actually creates more regrets. you want to figure out how to do it. find the time. can you do it? can you fit it in? can you figure out a were a to engage in the things that you're missing out on, so that you don't? and if you can't, take a step back, accept it, move on. >> just accept it. >> just accept it. sometimes that's all you can do, right? >> what's done is done. >> sometimes that's all you can do. otherwise you're going to be stuck suffering for a long time. >> good to see you. thanks. now let's go back out to erica who is in london. >> chris, thanks. in just about six months, kate middleton has firmly become a fashion icon around the world. there was much attention here in the uk before the engagement, but now we are all focused on her. everything from that iconic blue dress to a ruffled burberry trench coat has plenty of people running out to the stores to copy her style. so what makes her an instant hit?
8:45 am
joining us is paula reed, style director for "grazy" magazine here. great to have you with us. >> good morning. >> it's incredible the attention focused on her fashion, especially since the engagement. what makes her such a hit? >> i think obviously we've been waiting for this for ages. we hadn't realized how much anticipation had bottled up inside. she's very girl next door pretty. she's not iconically beautiful in the way that we kind of described catwalk beauty. she's not supermodel beautiful. but she's got a very approachable beauty. and i think that's something that really appeals to the british public, and clearly she's really connected with everybody. >> she certainly has. at one point i want to make sure i get this correct. she's been referred to as the princess of high street because of some of the choices that she makes. some of which are probably more affordable than some would imagine. others are not. is she helping to reset what is being sold? >> you know, i think that choice that she makes are so fantastically modern. because the economic times have changed for everybody. and so the days when women
8:46 am
filled their wardrobes only with designer clothes are long gone. and most women now are actually shopping across the board in terms of affordability, and investment pieces. and, in fact, she's not far behind your very own michelle obama, who inspired lots of us with her choices of new designers, established designers, and high street. j. crew in america. >> an interesting mix there. based on everything you've seen of what she's worn, and we are all so focused on her every time she steps out, do you have any thoughts on the style of wedding dress she may go for? >> okay, well, that has got to be dictated by the location. because it's westminster abbey, it's got to be cathedral grand. so you can't really turn up in a little column dress and hope that that's going to cover it because it really isn't. >> can you wear a strapless dress? >> you know what, she is not curtailed by any kind of rules in that regard, and we've consulted a lot of constitutional experts. if she was being crowned queen, there would be a lot of rules and regulations that govern whether it's strap also or not. what she will be curtailed by is
8:47 am
the fact that she is the future wife of the future monarch of england. she'll probably choose to wear something that's quite modern. she could go strapless if she wanted to. i very much doubt it. >> what do you think the chances are we'll have more on one dress. one for the wedding? one for the reception or receptions? >> oh, for sure. bring on the wardrobe. she will definitely have a dress for the day. >> okay. >> and i would say that she will definitely have a dress for the evening. >> but perhaps in between -- >> in between? why not? i would if i was her. >> there is so much speculation as to who may be behind the dress. the wedding dress. >> yeah. >> and there's been a lot of rumors that maybe sarah burton from alexander mcqueen. talk about a label that's very fashion forward. not at all conservative. not at all what one would think of for westminster abbey. could you see this really being the person that's behind her dress? >> yeah, because my goodness, if anybody could do cathedral grand, alexander mcqueen could deliver cathedral grand. he is three times british fashion designer, and
8:48 am
international feted designer. he worked for givenchy and he took his own house to huge international success before his tragic suicide last year. but, he's been replaced by sarah burton who started with him as an intern and really built her entire career at his right hand. and, of course, they did some very fashion-forward things. and you can look at what's on the runway, and that can seem quite -- >> over the top? >> scary even for people. people used the frightened word. but actually when working with a private client, which kate catherine middleton would be, they'd be careful to tailor it to her needs. >> can't wait to see what that dress is. do you think she'll ever have the same kind of iconic status in terms of style as her late, who would have been her late mother-in-law, princess diana? >> that's entirely possible. i think the time to manage people, i think they want to be -- they're learning the lessons that they, you know, obviously took from diana. not always a comfortable
8:49 am
relationship with the press. but certainly catherine middleton has got a fantastic genetic blueprint. she's got an amazing body. she's got beautiful legs, incredible hair. she's got really open and fresh face. so all of the royal materials are there. i can't see why not. >> we look forward to seeing what happens on the day. good to have you with us. >> my pleasure. >> we do have more to come from right here in london, including a look at some of the commemorative pieces you can pick up on your own and a few ,,
8:50 am
8:51 am
just tried a little bit of the fruit cake. it is decidedly fruity. may not be my choice. perhaps better the plate i ate it off of. it should have been me. i'm bringing one of these back. >> excellent. very nice. >> kate and will, it says at the bottom. also, i picked this up. it is a -- i guess it's at
8:52 am
westminster abbey, a crystal, it's called a tot glass, we'd call it a shot glass. >> i don't know anyone who would want one of those. >> maybe you could bring back a few of those. >> i have a few things i'll be bringing back. >> i was surprised, i think -- >> how did the fruit cake endure? >> 20 years, you can still buy pieces of the royal wedding back back in '81 now? 20 years of ache? >> yeah. >> yuck. >> people keep them in their freezers forever, right? >> yeah, why not. >> remember that episode of seinfeld. it was the cake -- there are a number of lovely pieces here. this is one of the more official. his royal highness and miss catherine middleton. but there are also -- you talk about cheesy available on the street. i'm going to go round up a few things to bring back. some really interesting pictures which are just pasted on plates, looking, you know, trying to look official. not exactly. people are having a lot of fun here in london. >> you just make sure you get on that plane, young lady.
8:53 am
good job out there. we'll see you back in new york tomorrow, erica. that's "the early show" for today. that's "the early show" for today. ,,,,,,,,
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headlines... at around 4-30 pacific time president obam good morning. i'm sydnie kohara with your cbs 5 news headlines. at around 4:30 pacific time, president obama will address the nation regarding military involvement in libya. he will outline the u.s. policy going forward. critics from both political parties say the united states mission in libya is unclear. san francisco police chief jeff unclear. the san francisco police department will lose more than 100 officers to retirement in the coming year. the police chief says he is also aggressively looking at hiring officers from other cities. and tonight is the first game in the preseason bay bridge series between the as and the giants. it starts at 7:15 at at&t park. tomorrow's game will be across the bay in oakland before the
8:56 am
finale in san francisco on wednesday. the giants then open the regular season thursday in l.a. while the as host the seattle mariners friday night. we'll take a look at weather and traffic around the bay area coming right up. p
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good morning. well, we have a couple of problem spots now in the east
8:58 am
bay. first westbound 24 right before the caldecott tunnel in orinda, just getting word of an accident sounds like it may have been cleared to the center divide. unfortunately, some members of the kcbs phone force are telling us it's jammed solid from saint stephens drive. commuting to oakland southbound 880 before embarcadero, caltrans is doing some emergency roadwork. there may be a pothole. traffic is backed up to 7th and northbound traffic is jammed solid like usual as you pass the coliseum. that is your traffic. for your forecast, one last check, here's julie. >> sunshine pretty much sums it up, at least that's the story today. so a little bit of linger fog in the north but blue skies from vacaville. we'll see more of the same later this week. take a look at the seven-day forecast today. warming things up. we have a breeze later on this afternoon, northwest breeze 15 to 20 miles per hour. a few more clouds tuesday as a weak weather system passes to the north. slight chance of showers for the north bay but then sunshine returns wednesday and thursday, bumping temperatures to near 80 by thursday.
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